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Shop DiverseBooks! is the premiere online shopping source for books from publishers of scholarly works.
Save 30% or more on thousands of academic titles.

  • Shop DiverseBooks! is the premiere online shopping source for books from publishers of scholarly works.
    Save 30% or more on thousands of academic titles.

  • DIVERSE News Feature

    Family Histories of Passing from Black to White:Vanderbilt law professor's book is the outgrowth of parallels between apartheid's racial distortions and those that shaped America.Read story  

  • Author Spotlight

    The National Book Foundation announced that it would award its 2013 Literarian Award for Outstanding Service to the American Literary Community to Dr. Maya AngelouRead more

  • Featured Publisher

    Third World Press, the Chicago-based publisher of books from the African Diaspora, has been leading the way in black publishing since 1967. Read more.

  • Book Reviews

    Black History Month Beckons: Latest works focus on narrower but previously neglected topics. Read full review

  • Guest Blog

    Marcia Cantarella: I CAN Finish College
    A book for minority and non-traditional college students.Read more

Diverse Books Channels

Black History Month


The Second Crucifixion of Nat Turner

Regular Price: $9.95

Special Price: $8.95

Murder at Montpelier: Igbo Africans in Virginia

Regular Price: $25.00

Special Price: $22.50

Most Popular Books This Week


What Makes Racial Diversity Work in Higher Education

A unique reference describing successful diversity initiatives in higher education.

Regular Price: $29.95

Special Price: $26.96

Family Matters: The Influence of the Family in Career Decision Making

Regular Price: $32.95

Special Price: $29.66

Strengths-Based Career Development for School Guidance and Counseling Programs

A book on career guidance that lays out easy to implement steps for comprehensive school guidance programs.

Regular Price: $47.95

Special Price: $43.15

Featured Selections


Shaping a New Africa

Regular Price: $35.00

Special Price: $31.50

How to Get the Teaching Job You Want

Regular Price: $24.95

Special Price: $22.46

Children's Literature and National Identity

Regular Price: $31.00

Special Price: $27.90

Out of stock



Career Counseling: Contexts, Processes, and Techniques,

A book to keep on the shelf in the career counseling office long after class is over for quick reference to concepts, options, and strategies.

Regular Price: $64.95

Special Price: $58.46

Counseling Strategies for Loss and Grief

Regular Price: $48.95

Special Price: $44.06

The Community College Baccalaureate (Paperback)

Regular Price: $29.95

Special Price: $26.96

Featured Publisher - University of Mississippi Press


New! Over one thousand titles from University of Mississippi Press. Popular titles from this publisher:

African American Writers: Portraits and Visions

Regular Price: $45.00

Special Price: $40.50

After Removal: The Choctaw in Mississippi

Regular Price: $25.00

Special Price: $22.50

Birth Chairs, Midwives, and Medicine

Regular Price: $20.00

Special Price: $18.00

Black Classic Press


DiverseBooks welcomes Black Classic Press. New titles from this publisher:

Hebrewisms of West Africa

Regular Price: $45.00

Special Price: $40.50

Ancient Egypt the Light of the World

Regular Price: $59.95

Special Price: $53.95

Introduction to African American Studies

Regular Price: $34.95

Special Price: $31.45

Africa World Press


DiverseBooks welcomes Africa World Press (AWP). Popular titles from this publisher:


An ambitious, extensive and detailed analysis of the roles played by African women in seven revolutionary movements

Regular Price: $29.95

Special Price: $26.96

What Went Wrong with Africa

Africa is the only large, contiguous region left out of the worldwide rise in prosperity. Why is that?

Regular Price: $47.51

Special Price: $42.75

American Counseling Association - Publications


Top-selling counseling titles from the American Counseling Association. Popular titles from this publisher:

Contemporary Mental Health Issues Among African Americans

Highlights the strengths of African American individuals, families, and communities and offers straightforward counseling techniques.

Regular Price: $54.95

Special Price: $49.46

Terrorism, Trauma, and Tragedies: A Counselor’s Guide to Preparing and Responding, Third Edition

Practical strategies for responding to large-scale traumas.

Regular Price: $39.95

Special Price: $35.95

Suicide Prevention in the Schools: Guidelines for Middle and High School Settings, Second Edition

Encourages suicide prevention in schools through the use of a clear and effective crisis management plans.

Regular Price: $29.95

Special Price: $26.95

Stylus Publishing


Thousands of academic and hard-to-find titles from Stylus Publishing. Popular titles from this publisher:

It's All About Jesus!

A two-year ethnographic study of a collegiate evangelical student organization on a public university.

Regular Price: $75.00

Special Price: $67.50

Working for Change

Focuses on development management positions in international service employment.

Regular Price: $24.95

Special Price: $22.46

Gender Identity, Equity, and Violence

An analysis of the social categories that have given root to inequality and oppression.

Regular Price: $75.00

Special Price: $67.50